Combat Hair Fall and Thinning Hair With Our New Kerastase Genesis Program

Life can be busy and it can be hard on our hair. Heat styling, polution, weather, stress, hormonal changes and diet can all cause our hair to become weak, brittle and break.  Some of these can also affect the hair renewal process.

What does that leave us with?

Dry, damaged, thin hair that doesn’t make us look our best.

Introducing the Revolutionary Kerastase Genesis Anti-Fall Haircare Program

A combination of in salon treatment and at home aftercare, Kerastase Genesis will strengthen your hair and restore its strength and vigour.

Package Inclusions

In Salon Treatment

Price $55.00

or 6 payments of $9.17 on LayBuy

Take Home After Care Pack

50 day programme

Price $428.00

or 6 payments of $71.33 on LayBuy

Masque Treatment

Price $65.00

or 6 payments of $10.83 on LayBuy

If you have any questions regarding this process and how it will work for your individual hair needs, please call us on 04 5677021.