Covid Information

How We Operate

Please scan in. The code is on our window.

Have your vaccine passport ready to be scanned.

Please Note:

  1. Please notify us if you are unwell and stay at home.
  2. Let us know if you have had a covid test and do not come to the salon until you have a negative result. We can reschedule you. It would be embarrassing for us all to turn you away andn it will also result in a cancellation fee of 50%. (Our cancellation policy is on all of our platforms.)
  3. Please come alone. One person per appointment. We need to maintain our distancing.
  4. Bring your beverage of choice and any device or reading material. Sadly we are unable to provide this. Free WIFI is available.
  5. Please be on time.
  6. We understand the discomfort in wearing a mask. It is so uncomfortable, especially with the hot temperatures we are having. But it is mandatory and we need to protect you and our staff.
  7. Our staff follow strict guidelines set out by the Ministry of Health. We will do everything we can to stay open and safe.

Bella Vita Appointments

If our staff are sick they will be staying at home or self-isolating.

They will be having covid tests if needed.

We will communicate with you via text, email or phone.

There are very clear instructions of how we can and cannot operate, so if we have to ring to change your appointment or are forced to isolate as a salon, we ask you to please be understanding and cooperate with our staff.

We will be very frustrated and doing the very best we can to get back to work as soon as possible. Please be open minded and flexible where needed around scheduling as we may have a very limited window of appointments if all staff are not back on deck.

We promise to contact you. It just may take some time.

We are going to have some very new challenges arising as a result of this, but please know that we will still provide you with the high standard of care that you have to love at Bella Vita.

Please Note:

  1. Any appointments that are “no shows” will be charged at the full amount of the service.
  2. You are very important to us. Stay safe and we will see you in the salon very soon.