Nothing quite beats the look and feel of fresh colour on your hair. When you walk out of the salon, you feel instantly refreshed, with an extra bounce in your step and your hair-do too.

Going blonde is a great way to add a youthful look, to usher in the summer, and to hide those sneaky greys. But blonde hair can quickly fade, loosing it’s shine and silking feel, leaving you with lacklustre locks or a brassy hue.

Whether you go for highlights, balayage, or platinum – you want your hair to keep that wow-factor, and to maintain those silky pastel tones, long after you’ve walked out the door.

So, what can you do to keep you blonde hair in top shape for longer?

Here are our 5 top tips.

5 Ways To Keep Blonde Hair Looking Fresh

1. Use a Toner

Straight after you’ve had your hair coloured is one for the best times to opt for a treatment. Use a specially formulated toner which will lock in the shine, tone down the gold, and help maintain your colour for longer.

2.  Use Blonde Shampoo

Hair-care doesn’t end in the salon, and once you get home it’s important you use the right shampoo for your colour. With so many to choose from in the supermarket, it can be hard to know what will work best for you. This is why at Bella Vita we recommend our own range of Blonde Shampoo, designed especially for blondes, it will continue to counteract the brassy gold, adding body and shine to keep your hair looking beautiful.

3.  Invest in Home Care Systems

There’s nothing better than sitting back in the salon chair and enjoying a relaxing treatment. You can continue this into your own home too. Specialist home care treatments are amazing for the condition of your hair between visits, and L’Oreal’s Smartbond treatment is well worth the investment. Not only will it protect your hair, the new generation strengthening system will leave you with softer, stronger, shinier hair too.

4.  Use a Toner in Between Appointments

You can make an appointment to have just a toner applied in between your colour appointments to refresh the pastel tone and keep your colour looking fresh for as long as possible. Toner’s are easy to apply and work wonders on your colour. We recommend using them once as part of your regular hair-care routine.

5.  Use Pre Blow Protection

We couldn’t live without a pre blow wave heat protection product. Regular blow-drying can damage your hair and dull it’s colour. Applying this product to your hair before you do a blow wave will nourish and protect your hair whilst you add your style – the secret to healthy-looking hair!  In the salon we use a number of products so please ask which is best for you.

If it’s time for your next appointment …