One day she’s sporting a stylish lob and the next she has a ponytail that rivals Rapunzel’s, and while it may seem like shifting hairstyles using extensions is a practice reserved for starlets and celebrities, the truth is, extensions are for everyone.

Whether you’re looking to add fullness and volume back to hair that’s fallen flatter as you’ve matured, or you’re looking to reverse the regret of going just a little too short after a stress-filled season of mum life, hair extensions are the perfect solution for adding a little life, lift, length, and luster to your locks.

However, not everyone is going to know you have them, that is unless you rave on about how wonderful they are (it’s easy to do).

Here’s how you can benefit from extensions and look like a leading lady in your own right; this is your life, after all.

Add Some Inches

No need to grapple with a haircut you’ve grown tired of or suffer through the dreaded “growing out” stage. With extensions, you’ve always got the option to instantly add back some length or skip over an awkward phase. (Wouldn’t that have been nice in high school?)

There’s also the possibility that your hair is simply at the longest it’ll go, which can vary depending on a host of factors from age to our genetics, the list goes on and on. But with extensions you never have to settle for the hand Mother Nature dealt when it comes to your hair.

There are plenty of things Mother Nature keeps out of our control…our hair doesn’t need to be one of them.

Embrace the Change

It’s funny; there are a few types of clients we stylists get to navigate every day:

  • Those have zero fear of change

  • Those who are terrified of change

  • And those who want change, but fear the consequences

And the best part about hair extensions is that it doesn’t matter which category you fall into, you get the change with zero permanence, so there’s no regrets no matter which way you slice it!

Wouldn’t it be lovely if all of life’s decisions were that easy?

In addition to changing up your overall look with more length or volume, extensions also allow for changing up your natural colour using different tones of extensions to create a balayage effect or highlights without additional colouring or processing.

Turn Up the Va-Va-Volume

There’s a reason why hair product commercials always show women with hair that bounces and flows, because it’s beautiful! Of course, what they fail to tell you is that the volume you see isn’t achieved with those products alone, but often with the help of hair extensions.

So, if you’re suffering from hair loss or thinning, or you’ve fought back broken ends, dryness, and damage with no avail, but have invested a pretty penny in products, know your plight isn’t a lost cause. Sometimes we just need a little more oomph, and that oomph in the form of hair extensions paired with products is just the ticket for creating a healthy, full, and voluminous head of hair.

And if you’re worried that thin hair won’t cover up your extensions adequately, know that the hair industry’s come a long way in world of wefts, and with the proper quality of extensions and stylist expertise, you won’t leave the salon looking like you’re a long-lost cast member of an early 2000s reality show.

Feel Red Carpet Ready

Furthermore, extensions are ideal for those celebrity-esque moments where you want “hair to impress” for a big event such as a wedding or gala and need a little extra to work with to achieve a desired up-do or look.

Or you could simply want to wow your hubby when you meet him out for date night, or yourself when you jet off for a much-needed girls getaway trip…both types of occasions call for the extra wow factor.

Suit Yourself With Bella Vita’s Hair Extension Services

As you might’ve guessed being as big of fans as we are about extensions, Bella Vita now offers hair extension services!

We offer two different types of hair extensions to suit every style and strand. We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all style, and the same goes for hair extensions, which is why we offer both Italian Vida Hair and Micro Weft Extensions.

With both selections of extensions applied professionally by a Bella Vita stylist, you don’t run the risk of damaging your natural hair and can continue to style or colour your hair the same way you always have.

Although we have a sneaky suspicion you’ll be in the mood to spice up more of your style once you experience life with extensions!

To learn more about our variety of hair extensions, how they’re applied and to book a complimentary consultation, click here, and to learn about our ability to spread out the investment of your hair extensions over the course of six weekly payments with our Laybuy program, click here.